Aangeboden door: Anthony Preston
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1st Targa Resto in Casa 2020

Author : Anthony Preston



Redrive eigenschappen

  • Duur: 1 - 2 uur
  • Niveau: Zeer Ervaren
  • Systemen: Pijlen kortste route, Pijlen kortste route met barricades, Punten één na kortste route
  • Land(en): Verenigd Koninkrijk
  • Door: Anthony Preston
  • Controle: NovusLeo Rekenkamer

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The ‘Targa Resto in Casa’ was a series of ‘Tafelrits / Droogrits’ devised by Peter Rushforth and Anthony Preston – organisers of the most recent Targa Rusticana rallies.

The Targa Rusticana was one of the most famous and popular road rallies in the UK. It was first run in 1954 as a 300-km overnight road rally and the last running was in 2005 when it was a 1-day classic rally (with Regularities and Special Tests). Throughout its history, the ‘Targa’ has generally
taken place in Wales – the most popular area for road rallying in the UK.

The aim of the ‘Targa Resto in Casa’ series was to provide some navigational challenges to keep rallying teams entertained during ‘lockdown’. It was also designed to introduce more UK and Irish competitors to the navigation systems used on the popular European classic rallies to prepare them for future events.

Running from late April to early June 2020, there were six Routecards using a variety of navigation systems on a variety of map types (some modern and some from the 1960s) at different scales.

98 entrants from various countries (UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg and Australia) tackled Routecard One and 74 ‘Finishers’ made it to the end of Routecard Six. After six weeks of close competition, the final leaderboard showed a tie for the best performance with the team of Jürgen and Jacqueline Donders tying with Ad van der Werf on Zero Penalties.

This ‘Web Routecard’ is based on Routecard Five of the series, with a few minor modifications, and is now provided for everyone to attempt. It uses the maze of roads around Caerwent – a large military site associated with the storage of ammunition since 1939. Caerwent has been a popular motorsport venue for many years with the possibility to organise timed sections over 15 miles (24 km) long, all within the same venue. It has regularly featured on the major UK classic rallies like Le Jog and Rally of the Tests.

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